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Peter Pan Bus Lines

By Hanna Nilson



You may be surprised to know that Peter Pan Buses are a top ranking most energy efficient method of transportation!



Founded in 1933 by Peter C. Picknelly, Peter Pan Bus Lines is now one of the largest bus curriers of the Northeastern, US. With impressive standards for customer service, safety, efficiency and now environmental friendliness; Peter Pan Bus Lines are a great way to travel.

In their featured article Go Green, A Peter Pan Bus is said to be “…twice as fuel-efficient as Amtrak and other train services…three times as efficient as automobiles…and four times as efficient as commercial aviation.” Furthermore, as stated in their Peter Pan/Intercity Motor coach Statistics editorial – while passenger cars are responsible for 64.5% of all vehicular accidents and trucks are responsible for 34.4%; intercity/transit buses only claim 0.3%!

Perhaps this is possible because of their emphasis on superior driving safety and technology. For example, All Peter Pan coaches use a unique Global Positioning System (GPS) which enables them to control and eliminate unnecessary idling. Their GPS also allows them to monitor speeds, braking patterns, reduce 5% on tire wear and 8% in fuel economy.

In an increasingly environmentally conscientious society, we can’t be too careful about the choices we make; especially when considering various methods of transportation. You may find it useful and encouraging to know that Peter Pan Bus seems to be making continuous efforts to develop greater standards for energy efficacy… Here are some facts to keep in mind:

  1. Peter Pan Buses can replace up to 55 autos from the highway! This saves on fuel, cuts down on emissions, and reduces congestion.
  2. Peter Pan Bus currently supplies 184 passenger miles per gallon (MPG). Surprisingly, this is more than double the second most fuel-efficient transportation alternative.
  3. Peter Pan buses produce carbon emissions of only 56 grams per passenger, compared to 371 grams for a passenger car… that’s 315 grams less!
  4. When compared to any other transportation vehicle, Peter Pan bus emits the least amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) per passenger! CO2 emissions are reduced by an average of 85% per passenger mile for every person who chooses to travel on a Peter Pan coach vs. driving alone.
  5. All Peter Pan vehicles operate using Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and/or bio-diesel fuel making Peter Pan buses a huge part of America’s energy solution.

Another notable attribute to Peter Pan Bus services are their emphasis on customer service, reasonable prices and excellent drivers. In fact, Peter Pan bus lines defiantly aren’t shy about their drivers. Boasting their Highest Safety Ratings from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Department of Defense; Peter Pan praises each reputable driver’s experience and commitment to the company by mentioning them by name with reference to miles driven accident free.                                                  

For all you travelers out there who are looking for a safer and more efficient means of traveling the Northeast, Peter Pan buses are the way to go. So, the next time you plan your long distance trip; keep these guys in mind because you’d be doing us all a favor!


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